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We are called “Special chefs

We are called “Special chefs to adorable little customers” because our products are versatile and cost effective.

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    We are on the mission to change the way babies are fed in Africa.

    We produce and package a wide range of affordable dried homemade cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and condiments that serve as a base to make a variety of yummy, nutritious and fast meals; proudly African tastes for African baby while also providing income for the family through sales of the products.

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    Tanzanian children in their first 1,000 days,

    We strive to develops and delivers low cost, optimally nutritious complementary meals that address major nutritional challenges facing Tanzanian children in their first 1,000 days, such as Vitamin A deficiency and protein-energy malnutrition

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    We are passionate about women empowerment

    Paradise Baby Food products are sold through a women sales and distribution model, a deliberate approach for gender inclusion and empowerment

What we Do

We bring to you 100% commitment with mix of services and products from our sister companies

Paradise Baby Food

Paradise Baby Food is a social enterprise in the nutrition space, processing all-natural cereals and grains for children under 5 years

Paradise Grains and Nuts Cereal

Paradise Grains and Nuts Cereal

Paradise Sweet Potato with Basil

Paradise Sweet Potato with Basil