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Paradise Baby Food is a social enterprise in the nutrition space, processing all-natural cereals and grains for children under 5 years to tackle malnutrition, with a special focus on authentic African tastes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Paradise Baby Food products are sold through a women sales and distribution model, a deliberate approach for gender inclusion and empowerment.

We strive to develops and delivers low cost, optimally nutritious complementary meals that address major nutritional challenges facing Tanzanian children in their first 1,000 days, such as Vitamin A deficiency and protein-energy malnutrition.

We are passionate about women empowerment and have a mission to change the way babies are fed in Africa. We produce and package a wide range of affordable dried homemade cereals, grains, fruits, vegetables and condiments that serve as a base to make a variety of yummy, nutritious and fast meals; proudly African tastes for African baby while also providing income for the family through sales of the products.

We also offer nutrition consultations, meal plans and cooking demonstrations.

Our Promise…

We are called “Special chefs to adorable little customers” because our products are versatile and cost effective. These products exist as stand-alone staples and thereby help mothers create meals that are ‘traditional’ infusing local spices or cooking methods to these staples. This makes our products acceptable across the country. We plan to train all our distributors to make them ambassadors and nutrition educators.


All our children’s food products address moderate malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies


All our products are made in an hygienic facility and we promise to use only the freshest natural ingredients for our baby food. We will entertain no chemicals in our infant’s tender tummies.


All children should have access to optimum nutrition regardless of the the depth of their parent’s pockets.


We strive to work closely with smallscale farmers to source quality and natural food products.


To become leading Africa social impact food producer and green economy impacting smallholder farmers.